2017 Weiss Lake Crappie Rodeo


TOTAL VALUE  $180,000

Weiss Lake Improvement Association, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, works to maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of Weiss Lake, its fisheries and environment for today's and future generations to enjoy.  Our projects include fish stocking programs, habitat enhancement programs, water quality, monitoring and education programs.  Your support of the 2017 Crappie Rodeo helps continue these efforts.

February 15 -
​April 30, 2017

Tagged Fish

2017 Tag is

Florescent orange

2017 Weiss Lake Crappie Rodeo

tag color - florescent orange for fish in Category 1.

1,013 Crappie have been tagged and released into Weiss Lake.  Each fish is sponsored by area merchants and individuals.  Prizes range from $50 to $10,000 in cash totaling $180,000.  We would like to thank you for supporting Weiss Lake Improvement Association and our area merchants for making this event possible.  

Weiss Lake Improvement Association fishing tournaments and other sponsored events can be found on our website.  


Q:  What is value of each fish and do all fish keep their value throughout the Crappie Rodeo?

 A: Here is the value of each fish and the duration of eligibility: There are 2 categories of Prize fish:

Category 1, (list can be found on our Sponsors Page), are 1000 tagged fish that have a fluorescent orange tag indicating its tag number and referencing WLIA. These are are eligible for prize award when caught during the Crappie Rodeo

Each of the 1000 Category 1 fish, (list can be found on our Sponsors Page), are worth $50 with the exception of 2 fish:

Fish with tag numbers 500 and 1000 are worth $1000 each. Fish 500 is sponsored by Alabama Power Shoreline Management and fish 1000 is sponsored by Alabama Power Weiss Dam.

Category 2, (list can be found on our Sponsors Page), are 13 fish that are worth $10,000 each. Due to security the tag color and markings will not be released until the prize fish have been released on each fish's individual schedule listed below.  When each fish is released its tag details will be published on this web site

Q:  If I use a professional guide am I eligible to claim prize fish?

A: Absolutely! We support the great professional guides on Weiss Lake! If you have purchased a 2017 Crappie Rodeo badge you are eligible to catch fish as long as you comply with the Crappie Rodeo rules.